IDTBox reward program for video viewers

You spend daily many hours on Y**tube and Da****motion and any of your sites, for your favorate videos, music videos, movies, tv shows, turorials, hell any videos.

Do you know they get paid very high profits? Well we know it and we want to change it!

We have created program which will reward you for watching videos, because you watch it then they are earning it, if you dont watch how they will make money, right?

Benifits of Video viewer's reward Program

  • Daily earning reports
  • Amazing referral program, you can reffer any one and earn 10% every time they earn money! Yes every time!
  • Daily Payout
  • Minimuym $10 payout
  • 24X7 amazing User Support

All you have to do is just login with your google account, and watch videos, thats it!!! Just enjoy.

If there is issues or more info needed, please feel free to open ticket to our support.

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