IDTBox Partners Program For Uploaders

We understand your creativity and commitments towards your work. Our partners program is dedicated to you. We have a system to provide rewards for your work. Every uploaded video get played, it will be counted in our system, and we will provide rewards for them. You can share with your friends, family, forums, even embed in your website.

We have invideo, banners, pre-post video ads and they are all automatically configured as per the available advertising in viewers countries. According to availability of ads, your account will be credited accordingly.

All you have to do is, create your account, configure your account, channel page and that is all. Start uploading your videos, dont forget to add correct meta-data for videos, which helps showing correct advertisements for your videos. We will do the rest. and as your views will increase you will get credits in your account.

Benifits of Uploader's Partners Program

  • Customizable Channel Page
  • Direct access to your channel (
  • Higer CPM rates
  • Unlimited Content upload & upto 5GB maximum file size
  • Detailed report of your content
  • 24X7 User Support

Please register and start sharing your videos and start earning

If there is issues or more info needed, please feel free to open ticket to our support.

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